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This 2-Volume 6-Disc DVD Set is the Ultimate Conceptual Physics Value!
Professor Hewitt's full course - 27 Conceptual Physics lectures on 6 DVDs is now available for just $99!
Immerse yourself in Paul Hewitt's most popular course ever by owning this 2-volume DVD set. These DVDs are insightful and inspirational for teachers and students alike with bonus "goodies" to enhance the learning process. Hewitt's signature cartoons and "check-your-neighbor questions" reveal engaging, entertaining teaching techniques that inspire participation from students as they learn.
This is a complete semester of lectures plus BONUS MATERIALS: "Teaching Conceptual Physics," "Classroom Demonstrations in Conceptual Physics," "Relativity Time Dilation" animation.
VOLS. 1 & 2 (complete series)


Format: Original recording remastered, Box set, Live, Complete, Color, Bargain Price

Subtitles: English

Region: All Regions

Number of discs: 6

List Price: $395.00


VOLS. 1&2:  NOW $99.00

Paul Hewitt rocks!

"If I had had Paul Hewitt as a Physics teacher in either high school or college, I definitely would not have detested the subject! These DVDs are remastered from videos from the 1980’s, but this does not detract from Mr. Hewitt’s dynamic teaching and passion for the subject. I am using these along with Apologia Physics for my home schooled son, and this is by far the most interesting and engaging part of his Physics. My husband, who never took Physics, watches these with us and we are enjoying the learning together."

— Surfin' ma on February 7, 2014

Amazing Teacher - makes physics clear

and interesting to the everyday guy!!

"We have used these along with the Conceptual Physics textbook for homeschooling. He takes the difficult principles from the textbook and explains them in fun, extraordinary ways. My middle schooler and high schooler LOVE it. Plus, I understand more than I ever did in high school. This guy loves Physics and he brings it to the classroom with labs and cool demonstrations. Five stars!!"

— Anonymous on October 17, 2014

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